Discover HealthCARE with a Unique Approach

Direct Primary Care in York, Maine

Primary care for the whole family that integrates
old-fashioned family medicine with modern technology.

For a straightforward, all-inclusive membership fee, we offer you personalized medical care with amazing access to your physician.

Complimentary 15 min meet and greet available prior to enrolling.

Jenne Wax, MD

Treehouse Family Medicine

Explore the Difference with Direct Primary Care

At Treehouse Family Medicine, our healthcare model places a premium on easy accessibility to your physician and exceptional quality of care. This can only be attained through a genuine and trusting relationship between you and your doctor.

Are you tired of healthcare that does not work for you?

The existing system incentivizes doctors to treat diseases rather than promote overall health and prevention, all while degrading the patient-doctor relationship. The result is overdiagnosis, over treatment, inflated costs, and poorer patient outcomes. It also results in very limited access to your doctor, which is frustrating for doctor and patient alike.

Direct primary care
is the solution.

At Treehouse Family Medicine, Dr. Wax provides high quality, personalized, and accessible care.  Experience individualized care from an experienced and compassionate doctor who takes the time to truly understand you. We intentionally limit the number of patients in the practice, ensuring you have ample time during your visits and access virtually when you need it.